"The best poems in Yellowrocket call up echoes of Roethke's whimsy and love of the land. Like Frost, Todd Boss uses the hardships and beauty of farm life to examine the rough fabric of human connection. And underneath it all, this marriage represented honestly, in all of is confusion and varied emotion." 

-Dorriane Laux


"There's no other word to describe it but song.  This is poetic form within and without that makes a true energy."

-Washington Independent Review

Tough Luck

"The freighted, swiftly moving poems in Tough Luck crisscross the chasm between peril and safety as if between opposing riverbanks, revealing a frequently heart-stopping view of the muscled waters below. Marriage, family, home—all come crashing down, but Boss rebuilds with his trademark musicality and “a reverent gusto for representing the tactile aspects of human life” 

-Tony Hoagland

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