American Dreamers Flag

This multi-cultural interpretation of the U.S. flag honors people of all colors who make up America — from the indigenous peoples whose names grace our lands and waterways, to the international students whose innovations will power the future.


The traditional design remains intact—50 states and 13 colonies are still here — with an added salute to the diverse people who work, volunteer, create, and serve in those states, represented by skin-toned stars. In patriotism, this flag pays respect to our powerful heritage as a nation of all races — pioneers, poets, preachers, and presidents — who have made America great.

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Chaos on the green line

Chaos on the Green Line, a joint effort between MotionpoemsPixel Farm Creative, and Egg Music is an immersive virtual reality experience conceptualized by Todd Boss. Held in conjunction with and sponsored by the Northern Spark festival, this event took place on the Twin Cities Green Line train in Minneapolis, MN.

Using geolocation, riders were able to use Google Cardboard and other VR viewers to immerse themselves in an animated world that synced with the train’s movements. This freeform story included a various natural, industrial, and visual scenes that immersed viewers in new, three-dimensional worlds.

Artistic Director, Jeff Stevens.  Animation courtesy of Pixel Farm of Minneapolis.

DIY FOuntain

Public Installation: Summer 2016

#DIYfountain was a simple installation: buckets on ropes from the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis inspired passersby to pull, pour, and play with river water from the Mississippi 60 feet below on several summer weekends in 2016.


It was a remount of a project conceived by Jack Becker 40 years earlier. This 5-minute micro-documentary shows what a splash it made.

Arrivals & Departures

Public installation: October 2014

Todd’s second installation, a monumental poetry film projection onto the entire block-wide facade of Saint Paul’s historic Union Depot, took place during two consecutive evenings.

The event invited Minnesota poets and filmmakers to collaborate on original poetry films to celebrate the building’s renovation. City Pages called it a “top literary moment” of 2014.

Project 35W

Public installation: August 2012

Todd anchored 35 oversized life rings in the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis to mark the 5th anniversary of the tragic I-35W Bridge collapse.


He paired the month-long installation with his 35-poem cycle, “Fragments for the 35W Bridge,” which the Star Tribune printed in its entirety on opening day. The project was a collaboration with Swedish artist Maja Spasova.  The fragments appear in Todd’s third book, Tough Luck.

All text and images © 2018 Todd Boss.