Despite 15 rejection letters from Poetry Magazine over 12 years, Todd Boss published “The Hush of the Very Good” there in 2006. They’ve published 17 of his poems since then.


In 2007, author Sherman Alexie took notice and introduced Todd to editor Carol Houck Smith at W. W. Norton & Co., who died just days after publishing his first book, Yellowrocket.


Tony Hoagland says it best: “There is a rich physicality in all of Todd Boss’s poems, a reverent  gusto for representing the tactile aspects of human life—his poems are about matter in motion—apple-slices, Chopin, horses, light, and people—What makes Boss much more than a journalist is the great adroitness and physicality with which sound bounces around inside his language, in strong rhyme, all kinds of rhythm, and formal games. The poems are never pretentious but always acrobatic, sensuous, technically inventive, muscular and fun.”


Read Todd’s poems in Poetry Magazine here. Todd’s books are available wherever books are sold

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